Royal Ascot hospitality: Service you can bet on

Royal Ascot is one of the UK’s most prestigious sporting events; representing elegant fashion, horse racing excellence and of course, some very large hats. It offers the opportunity to bet big on the races, soak up the sunshine (hopefully) and sip on the finest champagne. For Royal Ascot, a smart attire is important, neigh, essential. It is one of the few remaining places you can still find a cravat donned casually.

The event takes place on 19th – 23rd June 2018 and is just one hour away from London, located in charming Berkshire.

Ascot is considered an essential day out but, why not do it in style? Villiers offer packages featuring fine dining, a stunning champagne selection, lively DJ’s and sensational wines. With all this fun available it’s likely your voice will end up hoarse. The 12 restaurants on site, with some famous Michelin stars, all feature food designed as a feast for the eyes. You are sure to find the perfect fine dining experience to meet your tastes at Royal Ascot.

The Parade Ring:
If eyes on the Queen is a priority for you, this is the perfect package. The Parade Ring Restaurant is adjacent to the Royal Box, perfect to catch the Parade Ring and Royal Procession. This is Ascot’s most exclusive restaurant serving up fantastic à la carte menus and matching wines.

Windsor Forest:
The Windsor Forest restaurant offers a more intimate space, and is a hidden gem. If you’re interested in the horses, the view of the finishing stretch from here is second to none. The restaurant’s balcony means you can witness a win by the horse’s nose.

Panoramic Restaurant:
The Panoramic Restaurant at Royal Ascot is run by the incredibly talented chef Raymond Blanc, OBE. This sixth-floor restaurant has uninterrupted views overlooking the Winning Post, that is if you can look away from the incredible food being served.

The Trackside hospitality package is perfect if you’re hoping to catch every second of action. It’s positioned right before the Winning Post, where there is still everything to play for. Delicious catering and access to the beautiful Royal Enclosure Gardens, if you need a moment of serenity after all the intensity of the race.

All hospitality packages at Royal Ascot are in the Royal Enclosure; they are the best bet offering private vantage points. From here you get the best view of the Royal Procession, Parade Ring and six world-class races each day.

Whether you know your bets or you just like to have a pony: Ascot is a day to remember. Get in contact with our experts today to find out more on Royal Ascot hospitality.