The Stone Roses at Wembley: Love Spreads

The Stone Roses hospitality packages at Wembley Stadium are available. Contact +44 (0)203 745 3537 / to make a booking.

The Stone Roses are back with new music. This infamous band started in Manchester in 1983 and marked a new age of music. They were rock, punk and something entirely new. Now, they are playing their new music better than ever at Wembley Stadium on 17th June 2017, and they don’t seem to have calmed down. We’d say they wanna be adored.

After the bands nine-year split; many fans clung to hope they would reform. Rumours ran a riot. They weren’t even stopped by the slightly disheartening quote by front man, Ian Brown, who said he’d “rather remove his liver with a tea spoon” (than do a revival tour). Yet, The Stone Roses announced they would be reforming in 2011.

The greatly anticipated new music was released last year. The single All for One was the first new piece of music The Stone Roses had released in 20 years. Shortly after, they released Beautiful Thing. With all the years of hype, they did not disappoint. But is there more to come? The Wembley Stadium dates could be the chance for the band to reveal the much awaited third album.

At Villiers, we have an incredible hospitality option that gives The Stone Roses the credit they deserve. If you’re planning to see The Stone Roses, you want to really be able to see them. You don’t want to be craning your neck whilst avoiding someones eccentric dancing. The Bobby Moore Package we have available reserves you a premium VIP seat, and access to the hospitality within the prestigious Bobby Moore Club. There is a complimentary bar serving drinks three hours prior to the main act and one hour post show, and post show party! It’s an experience you won’t want to miss. Click here to see the full package details.

Whatever you’re looking for, there is a package for you so make sure you get in touch with our experts and start planning for an evening of music and outstanding hospitality!