Destination of the month: Japan

Cherry blossom trees known as “Sakura” treed are depicted regularly throughout the world. Around this time every year, people travel to Japan for the ancient tradition of “hanami” which means looking at flowers. The cherry blossom is highly symbolic in Japanese culture, known to represent beauty and the new beginnings.

As the cherry blossoms fall, it marks a new year both financially and academically in Japan. Experience the best in this proud tradition with our guide to 72 hours in Japan. An exploration of Japanese beauty would make a fantastic incentive trip: at Villiers, we can help you plan an incentive trip that will stay with you and your guests for years to come.

From London, it’s roughly an 11-hour flight directly to the futuristic, exciting capital of Japan. Despite the modern nature of the buzzing city: Tokyo has dedicated itself to the preservation of an urban Sakura experience. As the Andaz Hotel be your base, located in the centre of buzzing Tokyo, immerse yourself in the metropolitan culture. From your room, look out at the spectacular views of the Tokyo skyline and over the busy streets. At night, the streets will be lit up to best show off the Sakura flowers. For evening drinks and dinner, head to Pentagon City in the Fyve Restaurant Lounge: their signature Japanese cocktails and dining menu around the Sakura blossom is sure to be a memorable experience

Destination of the month: Japan | Incentive trips

Start the day learning the art of the flower arranging, that will educate your appreciation of these flowers. Then after a stupendous three course lunch, experience the most well-known of Tokyo’s Sakura parks: Ueno Park that is a popular spot amongst locals, and where the largest parties continue well into the evening. Ueno Park contains thousands of Sakura trees, and in the evening, is lit only by beautiful lanterns. Once you have soaked up the beauty of Ueno Park, head to Midtown Garden to the MARTINI Blossom Lounge. Choose from 12 types of aperitifs and finger foods from the “Blossom Basket.”

Onto the next day where you will explore the city of Tokyo, soak up the culture of this metropolitan city through their foods, music and art. This could include a trip to the Roppongi Hills Festival, which provides traditional and contemporary music and bountiful amounts of street food. The day should end at Yomiuri Land for the unique experience of seeing the Sakura trees from a rollercoaster, or at Chidorigafuchi Park for row boats around the Sakura adorned lakes.

Destination of the month: Japan | Incentive trips

Take the train for the quintessential rural Japanese experience to the region Fuji Five Lakes, at the base of Mount Fuji. Only 70 minutes away from Tokyo. From here gaze at the Sakura trees reflected clearly in the beautiful lakes. View the impressive Mount Fuji, the highest peak in Japan. Experience a heritage of the Japanese experience of Hanami. In the afternoon, explore the Ide Sake brewery in this region. Using the spring waters from Mt Fuji, this sake brewery has been expertly producing sake for over 21 generations. Taste the different sake while you tour the beautiful features of this brewery.

A quick train journey back to Tokyo for your last night where you will enjoy Michelin starred food at Kohaku for a unique dining experience, and taste more of Japan’s saki. The next day, you head back to London so why not wander the spotless streets of Tokyo and see these Sakura trees lit up one last time.

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