Monaco Grand Prix: the ultimate weekend of client entertainment

Arguably one of the most dangerous and glamorous competitions in Formula 1 and in the sports calendar, the Monaco Grand Prix is the ultimate highlight in motor-sports and is perfect for client entertainment.

Year after year, the urban elite flock to the French Riviera to watch the world’s top racing drivers go head to head with a glittering Mediterranean Sea as their backdrop, but why is the Monaco Grand Prix weekend perfect for client entertainment? Sharing this experience with clients will not only build relationships, but develop your brand image and position you away from your competition. As Monaco Grand Prix 2018 is right around the corner, we bring you a selection of reasons to why this prestigious event is perfect for client entertainment.Monaco Grand Prix | Client Entertaiment

Build stronger relationships:
Treating clients and bonding with them at extraordinary events such as the Monaco Grand Prix is essential to client retention. In fact a 5% increase in client retention can increase your company’s profitability by 75% (Bain & Co), so a glamorous trip aboard a super yacht doesn’t seem so far-fetched. Research suggests the best way to bond with clients is to take them outside of their usual environment. The widespread popularity and the exceptional setting of Monaco Grand Prix produces the perfect environment to build client relationships. Spending time with clients and going above and beyond with the events you take them on motivates clients to feel personally invested in your company’s future. At the Monaco Grand Prix, enjoy developing these face-to-face relationships where you can get to know your clients better and enjoy the client entertainment yourself. It’s a win win situation.


Develop your brand image:
Impress your clients by taking them to the most luxurious event of the year. For the ultimate experience, watch the Formula 1 race on board a luxury track-side yacht with Monaco Grand Prix hospitality. Demonstrate your own brand values by aligning yourself with one of the most elegant and sophisticated dates in the calendar. Even take your clients to the Amber Lounge to party with celebrities or, the exclusive yacht parties, allowing you to strategically promote your brand to the highest standard.


Differentiate from other companies:
Client entertainment has seen a dramatic increase in recent years and what could be better than the Monaco Grand Prix? A whole weekend gives you unbeatable access to your clients who you can bond with over an extended period. Why not develop relationships over glasses of complimentary champagne and world-class racing? The informal and fun nature of the Monaco Grand Prix will lead to high attendance and creates positive associations with you and your company. Much more personal that providing clients with gifts, Monaco Grand Prix will create a lasting impression that those who attend will truly treasure.

Monaco Grand Prix | Client Entertainment

A memorable experience:
A weekend at Monaco Grand Prix is certainly memorable! A lavish weekend of action, excitement and luxury that all who attend will cherish for years to come. Whether it’s the thrill of watching the racing aboard a super yacht, igniting taste buds with champagne and delicious canapes, partying at the exclusive Amber Lounge with Formula 1 drivers or an evening of entertainment on board a yacht, hospitality at the Monaco Grand Prix is perfect for those wanting to create an unforgettable experience. To get the most value from your expenditure with client entertainment you want to provide an experience that stays with your guests.

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