Top 5 cookery schools in the UK – the ultimate recipe for team building

Villiers’ brings you the ultimate experience in team building with 5 of the best cookery schools in the UK. Sick of team building activities involving running around playing sports in the rain? Not feeling the PE throwbacks as part of your corporate team building? Feel inspired by Master Chef and stop missing the Great British Bake Off as we bring you our top 5 cooking schools in the UK that are perfect for corporate team building.

Experience team bonding like no other whilst indulging in delicious foods and celebrating with a cheeky glass of wine at some of the UK’s most exclusive cooking schools. Your team will be as thick as thieves by the end, Mary Berry not included. At Villiers, our events team features both venue finding and event management experts for your occasion to go off flawlessly.

1. Aveqia
In the City of London, Michelin star chefs work in the pristine kitchens of Aveqia to teach groups how to cook. The design of the experience is to bond people over gastronomy and, in the end to enjoy a Michelin star meal with your clients, friends or family all with a glass of wine never far from reach. Your guests take away new impressive skills and their own apron to treasure. From start to finish Aveqia has produced a masterpiece of team building.

2. Chewton Glen
Located on Chewton Glen’s ground is the immensely impressive James Martin’s cookery school. Why not escape to the country and learn to cook with your guests? For the keen: the gardener at Chewton Glen will let you choose your own produce from the lavish gardens on the estate. Your expert chef tutor will teach you to cook your own delicious creations and will also prepare you a fantastic meal to enjoy at James Martin’s exclusive chefs table. Each cookery course will be perfectly tailored to your requests, whether you’re a beginner or a little more expert.

Cookery class at The Kitchen | Cookery School | Team Building

3. Lainston House
Part of the incredible Exclusive Hotels collection: SEASONS cookery school at Lainston House is available for those with a passion for food. Their personal motto is “If you want to become a great chef, you have to work with great chefs” (Gordon Ramsay) therefore they source the finest chefs from across the globe to teach their classes. The modern kitchen, and latest equipment makes learning the ropes seamless for you and your guests. Choose to learn to make the perfect pizza with Sylvain Gachot, finally master the art of the perfect steak or go the whole nine yards with a full meal. The kitchen’s your oyster at SEASONS cookery school.

4. The Andaz
Hidden away in the wonderful Andaz Hotel, near Liverpool Street Station, is a studio that can be used for cookery classes or cupcake decorating taught by a variety of expert chefs and bakers. After the class, enjoy the fruits of your labours and tuck into your creations with delicious wines and a few additions from the chefs. Bond over your new culinary skill and chuckle together at kitchen mishaps. One of the stuido walls features a series of black and white photos of the faces of all of the people who work behind the scenes at the Andaz hotel and the merchants they buy their produce from. A fitting feature illustrating the importance of teamwork perfect for team building events.

andaz hotel | cookery schools | team building

5. School of Wok
The School of Wok has three key goals: to eat great Asian food, to teach groups to make great Asian food and to laugh whilst doing so. Created by the genius Jeremy Pang, these lessons can be tailored to your bespoke requirements whether you want to make scrumptious sushi or tantalising dim sum. Just moments from Leicester Square, this light-hearted cookery school is sure to leave you inspired and full up. An innovative school that can teach you something new whether you’re a novice or master chef. After relax and enjoy a few cocktails to celebrate a fantastic experience.

School of Wok | Cookery School | Team Building

For a unique experience in team building that everyone will enjoy, stir up the traditional team building activities and cook up a storm! Get in touch today to discuss your ideal team building activities or event whether it’s finding the best cookery schools or something quite different.