Artists set to announce a tour at Glastonbury Festival 2017?

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For one weekend in Someset, England erupts with excitement for the biggest date in the festival calendar with Glastonbury Festival.

Glastonbury Festival’s extraordinary has launched musical royalty and many of the hottest UK tours, and judging from the line up this year will be no different. Find out the latest tour announcements and available hospitality at the UK’s biggest music venues first with the Villiers newsletter.

This weekend, thousands will flock to Worthy Farm to enjoy the gigantic headliners and intimate gigs of Glastonbury Festival and for those unable to attend, we pin our hopes on those artists using Glastonbury as a springboard to announce their tours. For experiences you can collect and share, contact us about spectacular hospitality for the biggest names in music.

1) Ed Sheeran
Global superstar and record-breaking artist Ed Sheeran is wrapping up his arena tour for 2017 and we expect to hear that he announces a 2018 stadium tour at Glastonbury Festival. Ed Sheeran has already announced a stadium tour in Australia and New Zealand taking place in 2018, but we think Ed Sheeran will return to Wembley Stadium first. With the instant success of Ed Sheeran’s hit album ‘Divide’, how can he not make the Glastonbury crowd happier? An Ed Sheeran stadium tour announcement would be the ultimate way to close Glastonbury 2017.

Ed Sheeran tour announcement Glastonbury Festival | Ed Sheeran hospitality | Ed Sheeran stadium tour hospitality

2) Foo Fighters
Hugely popular rock band, the Foo Fighters, will be coming to Glastonbury Festival this year to the delight of thousands of fans. The Foo Fighters recently announced a US tour for their highly anticipated new album “Concrete and Cold” which they will play throughout vast arenas. Many will suspect the Foo Fighters will announce a UK arena tour at Glastonbury Festival for early 2018 following on from their US tour. After all, the Foo Fighters released a new song from the album Concrete and Cold called ‘Lah Dee Da’ at a festival in Iceland.

3) Liam Gallagher and Noel Gallagher
Both Liam Gallagher and Noel Gallagher will be at Glastonbury Festival this weekend, admittedly for different reasons. Liam Gallagher will be performing his recently released track ‘Wall of Glass’ with the prospect of announcing a solo tour of arenas throughout the UK. Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds have been supporting U2 with their Joshua Tree Tour, find out more here. However, bookies have released their odds on an Oasis reunion tour being announced at Glastonbury Festival 2017. The odds are 12/1 that an Oasis reunion will take place during Liam Gallagher’s set and frankly, we can’t wait to see.

Oasis reunion at Glastonbury Festival | Oasis reunion hospitality

4) Rag N Bone Man
Rag N Bone Man has soared to success after his hit song ‘Human’ reached the top of the UK charts and is now playing a key stage at Glastonbury Festival this weekend. Rag N Bone Man a.k.a Rory Graham is the real deal, even having won the prestigious Brits Critics’ Choice Award. His soulful voice has attracted a vast following as he is compared to the likes of Adele and Sam Smith and with that kind of massive success, surely a Rag N Bone Man arena tour in the UK will be announced as Glastonbury Festival? Rag N Bone Man and Elton John recently bonded, will Elton John join him on stage at Glastonbury this weekend?

With surprise performances on the cards for Glastonbury Festival, it seems the possibilities for Glastonbury 2017 are endless. Find out first on artists touring and available hospitality by signing up to the Villiers newsletter today.