The best vegan and vegetarian private dining menu’s in London

In the past 10 years, the number of vegans in the UK has risen by 360% (The Telegraph) and for those taking part in ‘#meatfreemondays’, there are some great vegan and vegetarian private dining rooms in London which are worth visiting. Get in touch today to discuss with our venue finding team the best private dining for your requirements.

10% of the population are vegetarian and 25% consider themselves “meat avoiders.” Nowadays, it’s considered an expectation to cater for vegetarian and vegan dietary requirements for each event and the importance of finding world-class restaurants that provide a variety of vegetarian and vegan options cannot be understated. Find out more on Villiers venue finding, and private dining.

1) Pollen Street
Jason Atherton has developed a dedicated vegan menu that includes delicious dishes such as Pearl Barley risotto with golden Jerusalem artichokes and shaved black truffle. The spectacular Pollen Street also has its own vegetarian menu of extraordinary creations. The private dining room’s open design provides views of the development kitchen.

Pollen Street Social | Vegetarian / Vegan private dining | Venue Finding | Private dining

2) Duck & Waffle
Despite its name, Duck & Waffle provides a fantastic vegetarian sharing menu that you can enjoy 40 floors up. Duck & Waffle does not specialise in vegetarian food, but the beautiful dishes put together by genius chef Dan Doherty makes the slightly limited choice worth it. Each a la carte menu can be made vegan, vegetarian and gluten conscious, ending anxiety over any dietary requirements for your dinner guests. Treat your guests to an unforgettable evening, with Duck & Waffle’s private dining room that looks out over London’s glittering skyline.

Duck & Waffle | Vegetarian / Vegan private dining | Venue Finding | Private dining

3) The Wolseley
One of the most famous restaurants throughout the world, the Wolseley in Mayfair, is known for its exceptional food and impeccable service. Now, The Wolseley has their own superb vegan and vegetarian menu’s that both match up to the high calibre of the restaurant. Even The Wolseley’s renowned breakfasts have been carefully adapted to be available to vegetarian and vegan guests. Dine in the beautiful private dining room at The Wolseley and taste the vibrant flavours of the vegan and vegetarian menus available.

The Wolseley | Vegetarian / Vegan private dining | Venue Finding | Private dining

4) Sketch
In the quirky Sketch townhouse, discover the effortlessly chic private dining rooms of the Lecture Room and Library. A delicious vegetarian tasting menu is available and the chefs behind it have received two Michelin stars. The menu is designed by French Master Chef Pierre Gagnire who uses innovative ingredients and combinations to delight even the harshest critic. Enjoy the artistic and stylish design of the Lecture Room and Library, which is truly a one of a kind space.

Sketch | Vegetarian / Vegan private dining | Venue Finding | Private dining

One of the most exclusive restaurants in London, SUSHISAMBA , provides a unique fusion of Japanese, Brazillian, Peruvian cuisine set against a sleek cool restaurant. SUSHISAMBA’s head chef,  Claudio Cardoso, has developed his own vegan and vegetarian menus complete with twists on SUSHISAMBA famed signature dishes. After your dinner in your own glass private dining room, step out onto the superb SUSHISAMBA terrace that towers over London.

Sushisamba | Vegetarian / Vegan private dining | Venue Finding | Private dining

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