Bellew-Haye rematch in December 2017

Eyes have been on Tony Bellew to see who his next fight will be after his shock defeat by David Haye in March 2017. It looks like a Bellew v Haye rematch could be on the brink of being agreed for December 2017.

British boxing star, David Haye hasn’t taken his defeat lying down. Haye is said to be unable to move on with his career before a rematch with Tony Bellew. It looks like a Bellew v Haye rematch could be on the cards in December 2017. It’s certainly the fight the people want to see. Find out about a Bellew v Haye rematch by signing up to Villiers mailing list.  

Tony Bellew’s promoter Eddie Hearn has been in discussion with David Haye in Las Vegas, rumoured to be discussing a Bellew v Haye rematch. It seems the Bellew v Haye rematch location is still undetermined, so make sure you sign up to our mailing list to put yourself in the know.

Negotiations over the Tony Bellew v David Haye rematch have been tense, it was only recently Eddie Hearn told the press they couldn’t be further away from a fight. It seems likely the tension surrounding the negotiations will fuel the Bellew v Haye rematch further. Bellew is determined to prove to Haye the fight wasn’t a one off.

Tony Bellew secured a heavyweight victory against David Haye, having gone up from a cruiser weight division for the fight. David Haye ruptured his achilles tendon whilst fighting Bellew which Haye determines at the reason for Bellew’s victory. The Bellew v Haye rematch will certainly be an unforgettable fight, as we see once and for all if Tony Bellew can remain a heavyweight contender.

David Haye has been training with Ismael Salas who has worked with a range of boxing legends. Haye doesn’t just have his sights set on Tony Bellew, he would consider fighting heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua and Deontay Wilder in 2018. But first, Haye must step up to the ring and fight Bellew again.

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For the rematch everyone wants to see, all eyes are on Tony Bellew to see whether he will sign for a Bellew-Haye rematch in December 2017.