Private dining in focus: Spitbank Fort

A venue located a few miles off the shore of Portsmouth, imagine private dining at a luxurious fort. With panoramic views of the coastline and every comfort imaginable, consider Spitbank Fort for your next private dining celebration.

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What is it?
A converted nineteenth century fort made into a haven of luxury and style. A small ferry or catamaran boat will collect you to make your way to the stoic forts. For a unique dining experience, there is nothing quite like the Spitbank Fort.


Where is it?
Located in Portsmouth, the only way to access the Spitbank Port is a 30-minute boat trip, you can pay extra to be picked up in a RIB boat. Or why not arrive in style on your own private helicopter? Portsmouth Harbour station is just a 1 hour and a half from London Waterloo.

Spitbank Fort - From the Air

Why we love it?
This incredible, historic fort has been refurbished to spectacular venue, and arriving by boat certainly adds a James Bond feel to the occasion. Some of the quirkiest private dining rooms, boasting unbelievable views across the water. Adding an extra wow-factor to every occasion, a nod to a nautical theme is carried out through the hotel but in a subtle and stylish manor. Imagine watching the sunset with a glass of Champagne in hand and 360-degree views.


How its private dining works?
For a spectacular dining experience, push the boat out with private dining at Spitbank Fort. Choose from three dining options, including The Crows Nest which is light and colourful, and with its own terrace to lookout over the breath-taking views. The Victory Bar, is the same size as the Crows Next private dining room seating between 20-60 guests. Its stylish and chic with exposed brickwork and luxurious features. Discover the popular wine cellar for up to 40 guests, unusually shaped and with dramatic lighting. The head chef creates spectacular three-course menus which can be perfectly paired with wines.

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Spitbank Fort is a hotel so your guests don’t have to travel home at the end of your dinner, available also as an events space. And why not enjoy a pirvate tour of the Spitbank Fort for a sense of its impressive history?

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