Why invest in client entertainment?

Design an experience of client entertainment that is right for you and your clients with Villiers. We cover everything from sport, music and bespoke events to create experiences you will treasure. Villiers’ understands that client entertainment is an integral part of nurturing effective relationships between companies. Get in touch today to discover how Villiers can assist with your client entertainment. 

Villiers is a fully integrated events agency that strives to bring people together. We provide first-class corporate hospitality to the most prestigious domestically hosted events of the year such as Royal Ascot, Wimbledon, RBS Six Nations and more. At Villiers, we put you and your guests in the best seats in the house for the best-known concerts of the year with VIP music hospitality. Furthermore, we have our own bespoke events service which creates unique experiences for you to enjoy.

Our bespoke events service specialises in venue finding, find out more here.

1) Cost Effective
Building stronger relationships will assist in retaining your clients. Bain & Co have shown that a 5% increase in client retention can increase your company’s profitability by 75%. As anyone in sales knows, retaining clients is a lot easier than finding brand new ones, in fact the probability of selling to an existing customer is 60-70%, where as the probability of selling to a new prospect is 5-20%. Although corporate hospitality can seem an expensive venture, in the long term it will serve your company a huge amount of money.

2) Relationship Building
Client entertainment provides an opportunity to bring people closer together, creating deeper and more valued relationships. By socialising in an informal, fun environment, you can better understand your clients and make them more special. The more the client likes you and your company, the more likely they are to choose you. With corporate hospitality, we help you create these relationships in social environments enjoyable for everyone.

3) Reward Loyalty
Reward client loyalty isn’t a new idea, airplanes and hotels have been doing it for years. Whether your clients choose your company for these perks or for other reasons, it’s important to say thank you. Use corporate hospitality to delight clients with consistent valuable experiences that build confidence and drive loyalty.

4) Stand out from the crowd
There is an illusion that if you invite your client to a lunch appointment or a coffee, that they will turn up. However, the majority of the time when you meet your clients it will be in their personal free time. It’s therefore incredibly important to invite them to an event they actually want to attend, find out about their interests and provide a personalised service to stand out from the crowd.

If they are passionate about wine, why not experience a wine tasting session with them or perhaps they love the NFL? Stand out from the crowd and ensure they turn up to entertainment they are interested in.

5) Build your network
Invite your clients to bring along their colleagues or valued guests for the chance to network with new clients. Corporate hospitality allows you to get to know new clients in a positive way, away from traditional, formal sales techniques.

6) Brand Development
Align your company with the prestigious, luxurious events such as the Royal Ascot, Henley Royal Regatta or Chesterton’s Polo in the Park. Helping to develop your brand imagine and project your corporate values by association with these world-class events.

7) Learn more
Outside of a formal environment, you can get to know your clients better on a personal level. Find out what they are looking for in you and the style of relationship they are looking to have with you. Getting to know your clients better in this way will mean that you can target your marketing to be more effective.

Find out how Villiers can assist with your client entertainment by speaking to a member of our team today!