Artist in Focus: Taylor Swift

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Taylor Swift has released her fourth studio album, Reputation. Aged just 27, Taylor Swift has changed from rising country star, pop princess to something quite new. The pre-released singles =suggested that Swift is looking to produce something new, but how exactly did she get there? Register your interest in Taylor Swift UK hospitality 2018 today!

Ticketmaster announced a Taylor Swift UK and Ireland 2018 tour will take place with details to follow in the future. At Villiers, we put you and your guests in the best seats in the house for the biggest concerts of the year and should a UK tour be announced, why not watch Swift perform in style? We suspect a Taylor Swift UK tour would likely see performances at Principality Stadium, Etihad Stadium, Wembley Stadium, Hampden Park, Murrayfield Stadium and further UK stadiums. Register interest in Taylor Swift UK hospitality and VIP tickets for 2018.

Taylor Swift went from a 14-year-old girl trying to make it to one of the most influential and powerful stars in the world. With 10 Grammy to her name and having sold more than 40 million albums, with an unbelievable 85.6 million followers on twitter. Love her or hate her, Taylor Swift must have done something right.

Taylor Swift’s family moved to Nashville when she was just fourteen to help her pursue a music career. Inspired by the likes of Shania Twain and Dolly Parton, Swift trained to become the next big country music talent. Learning to play guitar by a local musician, who helped her write her debut hit Lucky You.

Moving away from country music in 2008, pop princess Taylor Swift’s third album Fearless saw her collaborate with John Mayer and Stevie Nicks and the themes of her songs remained that of a teen star, writing songs about fairy tales, such as Love Story.

In 2012, Taylor Swift changed again. Her album Red received mainstream success as she incorporated more upbeat pop music. Red sold 1.2 million in the first week alone, breaking records as the album became the highest US selling figures in a decade. Red included some of Swift’s greatest hits such as I Knew You Were Trouble and 22. Taylor Swift became loved around the world, and became strong female icon.

And then when it seemed Taylor Swift’s success couldn’t become any greater, she released her fifth studio album, 1989, her first official pop album. Swift’s new sound worked for her, the catchy hooks and celebratory lyrics.

The lead single from 1989 was Shake It Off, other hits included Blank Space and Welcome To New York. Taylor Swift ushered in a new era of pop music and after a hugely successful 1989 World Tour, the world waited to see what global star, American superstar, Taylor Swift would do next.

Many we’re surprised when Swift announced a hiatus from music, in fact she disappeared from the public eye for around two years and though Taylor Swift’s fans remained loyal during that time, Swift came under fierce criticism from the general public. No matter how much Swift wished to be “excluded from the narrative” for a while it seemed she was damned regardless.

Then came her return. After her social media accounts we’re wiped and replaced by short clips of an angry digitalised snake, it became quite clear that long gone was the 1989 Swift. Confirmed by her lead single for upcoming album Reputation which contained the lyric “the old Taylor can’t come to the phone anymore” “why?” “Cause she’s dead”.

But the “Old Taylor” may not have completely disappeared, all four of her newly released tracks have gone straight to the top of the charts including Look What You Made Me Do, Ready For It?, Gorgeous and Call It What You Want. Taylor Swift remains as loyal to fans as she ever has been, having hosted an intimate concert in London for her biggest UK fans including a meet and greet. Here at Villiers, we have no doubt that a Taylor Swift 2018 tour will be her biggest one yet.

Taylor Swift has been making surprise appearances in shops selling her album since its release building anticipation for a tour announcement, including a hugely popular pop up booth in the UK. Taylor Swift’s commitment to fans is second to none and adds the magic of seeing her perform live. For first access to Taylor Swift hospitality tickets, register here.

The release of Taylor Swift’s sixth studio album has been widely praised by both critics and fans alike, music reviewers such as Rolling Stones and The Guardian have labelled ‘Reputation’ as one of Taylor Swift’s best albums to date. Taylor Swift’s ‘Reputation’ may have been on the line, but she’s proved yet again why she is the queen of pop.

With more hits than many people would have in a lifetime, Taylor Swift is the master of reinvention. Talented, successful and influential, there is a reason why Taylor Swift is one of the world’s most loved artists. Taylor Swift’s songs will remain timeless pop classics.

Taylor Swift’s stadium tour dates have begun to be revealed starting with five months of US dates at some of the largest stadiums in the US taking place from May – October. The next set of Taylor Swift tour dates are expected to be released soon, including UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand dates.

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