5 Eminem songs we can’t wait to hear live!

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Following the release of Eminem’s new album ‘REVIVAL’, here are 5 Eminem songs that we’d love to hear live should he announce UK tour dates for 2018. Eminem’s agent confirmed he will tour in 2018, and given his Reading and Leeds Festival headline performance, Eminem will surely perform at some of the UK’s largest stadia. Register your interest in VIP hospitality for Eminem UK tour 2018, here.

An Eminem UK tour would likely visit some of the largest stadia, including Twickenham Stadium and Manchester’s Old Trafford. At Villiers, we provide the premier VIP hospitality to the most sought-out concerts of the year. Discover available music hospitality by visiting our online store today.

1) My Name Is
For many people Eminem’s iconic debut hit ‘My Name Is’ is the first time this world-famous artist really stole the world’s attention. Released in 1999, as part of the Slim Shady LP, it marked the first collaboration between Eminem and his mentor Dr Dre. The witty lyrics focus on a shifting identity, which makes sense when you think Eminem is also known as Slim Shady, and Marshall Mathers. Almost 20 years have passed since this songs release, and yet everyone still knows the words without hesitation.

2) Stan
Over the years, Eminem has become known for his controversial content and Stan is his response. Release in 2000, as part of The Marshall Mathers LP, topping the charts around the world, Stan is the story between a fan and a celebrity (Slim Shady). It’s a story of the murder of an innocent woman, a dramatic rebuff delivered by Eminem of critics who say his work incites violence. Eminem performed Stan alongside British icon, Sir Elton John at the Grammy Awards in 2001.

3) Lose Yourself
For many this is the best-known Eminem song, which even saw him become the first hip-hop artist to win an Oscar. Featured in the 8-mile film, Eminem’s Lose Yourself is considered one of the most influential pieces of 2000s hip-hop music. It’s Eminem’s most introspective songs to date, as he looks at the hard journey from rags to riches.

4) Not Afraid
Eminem returned to the limelight in 2010 after a turbulent few years, with a strong about strength and hope. The first single in his 2010 album ‘Recovery’ is a welcome anthem by his fans as one of his most positive tracks to date. A change of pace from his other music shows Eminem’s diversity as an artist, his ability to embrace new influences and sounds has ensured he remains relevant over such a lengthy career.

5) River
The latest release from Eminem’s highly anticipated new album Revival. A unique blend of genres by featuring pop star Ed Sheeran, it’s hard to imagine these two artists could find common ground. One from the rural countryside of Suffolk, the other hailing from Detroit. These two artists repent for all the pain they’ve caused through mistakes over the years. This collaboration is born out of Eminem aiming to reach new audiences with his Revival album. And it seems he has succeeded as River competed to end the year as the Christmas No.1.

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