NFL at Twickenham Stadium

The NFL international will be returning to Twickenham Stadium for a second year, after their 2016 games were deemed a fantastic success. This world-class venue which provided an unbelievable atmosphere in 2016, is set to be intensified this year as anticipation grows for the 2017 NFL international games.

Sunday 22nd October - Sunday 29th October

Twickenham Stadium, Whitton Road, Twickenham, United Kingdom

The versatile facilities of Twickenham are illustrated by hosting two of the NFL games. Twickenham are striving for this year to be the best experience in NFL international fixtures to date.

The innovative features of Twickenham Stadium are exemplified by the state of the art hospitality facilities available: the unrivalled views will ensure you capture every second of the premier American Football game. Indulge in premium food and beverages that are only the tip of the iceberg with NFL hospitality at Twickenham Stadium. Enjoy the NFL internationals for a day you and your guests will remember for years to come.

The two games played at Twickenham, include the Arizona Cardinals v LA Rams on 22nd October, and the Minnesota Vikings v Cleveland Browns on 29th October 2017. This is the LA Rams second time playing at Twickenham and they are sure to get a lively reception. NFL hospitality at Twickenham creates an authentic experience of this world-famous sport, embracing the spirit of the event with it’s glamorous hospitality.

The NFL at Twickenham has an intimate nature despite the attendance of over 75,000 people, the audience is abuzz with excitmenet as they watch these teams clash on field. Treat your coroprate guests to the complete NFL experience, and meet the famous NFL cheerleaders and even ex-NFL players providing a unique insight into the game. Discover the unique identity of the NFL and secure your bespoke hospitality today.

Twickenham's Sapphire Package

A complete package offering complimentary drinks and a buffet for three hours before the game and one hour post game.

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Twickenham's Diamond Package

A complete package offering premium ticket seating, either side of the 50-yard line, complimentary drinks and a three-course lunch.

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